Our winery is 6,000 square feet plus an outside barrel storage room of an additional 3,000 square feet.  Our winery license is for 8,400 cases of wine.  This is typically the smallest winery license issued.
We currently produce less than 5,000 cases and do not plan to expand production.  Staying small ensures our focus stays on producing the best wine we possible can.
One unusual aspect of our winery is that we have our own bottling line.  This was part of the winery equipment when we purchased it in 2000; this had been installed by the previous owner.  The winery was built in 1982 and is therefore one of the older wineries in Napa Valley - #36 to be exact.  Now there are over 320 bonded wineries within Napa Valley.
As an energy saving measure, the winery is cooled with a "night air" system.  Because the temperatures in Napa typically fall below 55 degrees at night, this system detects when the air in the winery is warmer than 60 degrees and the air outside is colder than 55 degrees.  A large fan is turned on at the top of the winery to blow out the warmer air and to suck in cold air through vents at the base of the winery.
Humidification is important to keep the amount of wine evaporating through the barrels to a minimum.  Humidity in the winery is kept at 65% using a special fan that atomizes water.