Our Winemaker


David, his wife, Wendy and their new son, Javin moved to Napa Valley from Vermont to pursue the dream of creating a family business growing and producing quality hand crafted wines. David has a Bachelors degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from The University of Vermont and worked as a Biologist for the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife. He also spent sixteen years building and remodeling custom New England homes. His formal education in science, hands-on ability, and passionate inquiry into wine has provided him a strong foundation for winemaking.

David started his quest by working at Seavey Vineyard, a family owned estate property in St. Helena’s Conn Valley, specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon, with winemaker Matthew Reid and consulting winemaker Philippe Melka. The experience at Seavey Vineyard provided a unique opportunity for insight into the operations and production of estate grown and produced wines. David has also assisted in the cellars of Grace Family Vineyard in St. Helena, which further enhanced David’s understanding of how a small, quality, family owned vineyard and winery operates.

Through Nils Venge and David Cofran, David found a connection with O’Brien Estate. David began working with O’Brien Estate in 2004. Since that time he has worked with Bart and Barbara to produce their estate grown wines. This has included all aspects of winemaking, cellar work and vineyard management.

David believes winemaking is about the details. Every aspect from the vineyard to the final moment the wine is served and consumed all give relevance to the perception of the resulting wine. There are many decisions that need to be made throughout the winegrowing and winemaking processes that independently may seem insignificant but cumulatively contribute to the culmination of a fine wine.

David is realizing his dream. Through his work with O’Brien Estate and the launch of his family owned winery Kind Cellars ( www.kindcellars.com ), he has been able to see to fruition his vision of creating quality wine.

David, his wife and their two children (Javin and Cora) currently live in Angwin and continue to pursue the dream of a family owned Estate Winery.
Winemaker David Yorgensen punching down
Cabernet by hand
David and Jake removing wet skins from tank
for pressing
Bottling our wine on our own bottling line