O'Brien Estate Wine Club



Clubs and Benefits 

 The Wine Lovers Club allows our handmade wines to be delivered to your door, reminding you of the beauty of Napa and the romance of wine. These clubs are a great way to stay connected to O'Brien Estate. Belonging to a Club also ensures you will continue to receive an allocation of O'Brien Estate wine, as we expect to be selling our wine exclusively to our Club members in the near future.

Each club also allows you to select exactly which wines you want to receive.

      We send an email 10 days before we ship; you are invited to change or add on to your shipment for 5 days after the email. We offer 3 different clubs: Date, Steady, and Inner Circle. Each club ships four times per year; the only difference is the number of bottles and discount level. Each quarterly shipment is 3 bottles for the Date Club, 6 bottles for Steady, and 12 bottles for Inner Circle.


Wine Club Bottles per Quarter Discount
Date 3 10%
Steady 6 20%
Inner Circle 12 25%


     When you sign up for a wine club, you also have the choice of a Mixed Club or Reds Only wine club.  This is to establish your default order, which then you can customize by changing the wines in shipment on our web site.
Based on our current growth in membership, we expect to start a waiting list for new wine club members by the middle of 2013.

Our goal is to focus our efforts on creating extraordinary and memorable Napa Valley experiences for our wine club members.

Please call 707.252.8463 and ask for Sharon, our Wine Club Coordinator or email wineclub@obrienestate.com, if you would like more information.