O'Brien Estate Winery

Romantic Label Poerty 

One of the unique elements O'Brien Estate offers our guests is a set of wines which tell a story of a deepening relationship between 2 people.  The romantic journey begins with Fascination, ending with Reflection. Each wine is marked on the back label with poetry written from the hearts of Bart and Barb O'Brien.

Our wines, tours and poetry make a classic romantic setting for occasions such as anniversaries, engagements, and dates in Napa Valley!


Sauvignon Blanc

 (when you first see the love of your life)


I am touched by your presence


I awaken to you




 (when you actually meet your love)

When our eyes met

My heart said hello

Are you the one for whom I long?

Are you?


Rose of Merlot

 (those joyful moments of conversation)

Our dry rose reveals alluring aromas 

of strawberries and cream with

bright, teasing acidity,

a long, silky finish

and just enough grape skin contact to make it blush!


 Romance of the Heart

Merlot Bordeaux Blend

 (when you are falling in love)

Extend to me

The hand of conversation

Twirl me with laughter

Embrace me with kindness

Will you be mine for a moment?

Or for a lifetime?


Cabernet Bordeaux Blend

 (need we say more?)

Romance of the heart

Passion of the soul

A voluptuous wine with sensual flavors

And a velvet kiss.

Enjoy in good company


Passion of the Soul

Cabernet Sauvignon

 (for the proposal stage)

You are the one

I want to become one with

To intermingle our footsteps

On the sands of time

Will you join

With me?


Cabernet Franc/Merlot

(for the years of marriage together)

Day upon day

Year upon year

A beautiful life is built




Late Harvest Cuvee

(eventually one of the partners passes on

- the remaining partner reflects on their love and the life they built and shared together.)

 Memories of you

Swirl in my glass

Wine on my lips

You in my heart


     All poetry was written from the hearts of Barb and Bart O’Brien.