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It’s fall and harvest time in the Napa Valley. Celebrate the change in seasons with your favorite O’Brien wines. As the weather cools, these wines have the perfect texture and richness to accompany the hearty, home-cooked meals you’ll be enjoying with family and friends.

Event Calendar

Members are invited to complimentary quarterly member parties, Valentine’s Day and Reserve Wine release dinners, and other winery events - watch for special events during our 20th Anniversary celebration in 2020

Shipping Information

We ship year-round and use temperature controlled shipping across the country during the warmer months

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Only members and visitors to the winery have access to our wines


Members receive a newsletter in each allocation


Member newsletters include a recipe that pairs with our wine


Enjoy a brief slide show tour of the winery and the surrounding area

Private Homes for Your Next Visit

Some of our members rent out their homes which could make your next visit extra special



Keep up to date on the latest wine releases, events, and promotions.