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It’s a magical time in the vineyards when we see véraison because it’s the countdown to harvest. The French term véraison (veh-ray-zohN) means “the onset of grape ripening” and identifies the time when the green grape berries change color to grape berries. It’s one of my favorite times of year, as the vineyards begin to explode with fruit color.

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Members are invited to complimentary quarterly member parties, Valentine’s Day and Reserve Wine release dinners, and other winery events.

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We ship-year round using temperature controlled shipping across the country.

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Only members and visitors to the winery have access to our wines.


Members receive a newsletter in each allocation.


Member newsletters include a recipe that pairs with our wine.


Enjoy a brief slide show tour of the winery and the surrounding area.

Private Homes for Your Next Visit

Some of our members have homes that could make your next visit extra special.